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Karl Mitchell

The Heart Of A Tiger

-Documentary Film-

The objective of the Documentary:
Showcase the incredible life story of big cat expert, Karl Mitchell.  Viewers will not only see a love story between Karl and his big cats but also between him and his beautiful wife Kayla Mitchell.  We'll go through the matriculation of how Karl became what some people call a tiger whisperer to a now devoted animal activist, rescuer, and handler while fighting through the grips of racism in America even still today.  Buckle up for an exciting ride through the beautiful mind of Karl Mitchell.

From the beginning: 

We'll explore Karl's childhood and get an understanding of where his real love from animals came from.   We'll interview influential people from his childhood like his family, teachers, and coaches to find out exactly how he was as a child growing up in the segregated USA of the '50s and '60s.  We'll find out what Karl wanted to be as a child and how it transitioned into what he's doing today.



What made Karl a lover of Big Cats:  We'll explore when he trained his house cat to ride on his motorcycle with him, impressing a veteran animal trainer.  What was that experience like and what gave him the audacity to even try?  Karl started Big Cat Encounters Ranch, but why? And how was that process?  Viewers will take an exclusive tour of his ranch exploring what it's like to spend a day there with Karl and his very special children - big cats. 



Karl takes matters into his own hands: 

Through re-enactments and exclusive interviews, we'll tell the incredible story of how gentle hearted Karl temporarily turned into a gangster as he traveled across the US to go and get his cats that were stolen from him.  A story perfect for a feature film, Karl relentlessly made sure that he got what belonged to him with a strategic investigation and heroic execution.  



Dedicated to Preservation:   

Viewers will explore Karl Mitchell's long-term goal to take some of his Nevada-born tigers back to India while working with 23 wildlife sanctuaries in cooperation with "Project Tiger", a program with the express goal of repopulating these areas with tigers to make up for those illegally poached before there were parks established.  We'll travel to India with Karl as he meets with some of the heads of the tiger sanctuaries, ahead of plans to transport these rare animals.

Karl's cats are a huge hit in Hollywood:   

From music videos and magazine photo shoots to motion pictures to casinos, it becomes evident that Karl's cats are a hit.   Viewers will explore the celebrity Rolodex of Karl Micthell as he provides his big cats to multiple large scale projects for A -list celebrities.  We'll interview a few big names that have used Karl's cats in their projects.

A love story within a story of love: 

Karl meets his beautiful wife and she's healed through Karl's journey of working with big cats.  Viewers will have the opportunity to see the healing powers of these gentle giants as Kayla Mitchell sees Karl on a television program and instantly falls in love with him and his mission.  This love story will touch many viewers that need healing in very delicate areas of their lives.


Government Files Lawsuit Against Karl: 

Karl was bullied in his small Nevada town but never lost his heart for his tigers nor his stance for what's right.  Since then Karl has assessed quite a bit of cost in fees associated with these matters.  Some say Karl doesn't follow laws and should shut down his Big Cat Adventures, and others say if he was a white man none of this would be a story.  Still today Karl has a  tremendous battle in court over his animal showcases, a battle that he's ready to fight.  This documentary will showcase the entire spectrum of what that fight is really about and why it's so important for the truth to get out.


The fight continues but the love for his animals never dies: 

Karl is still fighting till this very day and is extremely fortified and motivated.  His mission and heart for animals are misconstrued daily often taken out of context by animal rights groups, bias reporting, and sometimes even racist politicians.  Karl will never give up the fight for his rights, and for the health and preservation of his incredible cats.  As government officials continue to do their best to remove his cats, Karl is focused on building up his animal sanctuary, teaching young people about the beauty of big cats, and making sure that his purpose is fulfilled on this earth.

The conclusion

Karl Mitchell's story is one of passion, persistence, and purpose.  When the viewer finishes watching this documentary, they will have the desire to stand up for what's right, support Karl's initiatives and making sure that his animal sanctuary is properly funded and taken care of.  The story of Karl Mitchell will go around the world, bringing awareness to not only his work in preserving these beautiful animals but overcoming the trials and tribulations while doing so.

Creative Team:

Karl Mitchell - World Renowned Animal Handler, Operator of Big Cat Encounters


Shantaya Pace - Executive Producer



Kyle Scott - Executive Producer / Director



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Production Company - Canyon View Media

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Production Process


Pre-Production - We will do preliminary research ensuring all the facts are accurate and that we have all supporting documents, images, and video needed for the documentary.  We'll be scheduling our shoot dates with individuals we'll need interviews with.



Principle Photography - With a world-class film crew, we'll film all of the needed interviews and reenactments dealing with the story of Karl Mitchell. 



Post Production - This is where the magic happens.  We will take all of the information and documents that we've gathered, and join it with the footage we've shot and make it a beautiful masterpiece.



Marketing and PR - We will leverage our current partnership with world-renowned entertainment marketing group ensuring great success at the top 6 film festivals in USA, UK, and France. 



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$1.7m Production

$250k Marketing

Total: $1,950,000

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