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Canyon View Media Crew in Barbados


Our services run the gamut from early concept to scripting, pre-production, production, post-production, editing, sound design and finishing. We gather input from all the key players and work closely with you to help capture your vision and bring it to life.  

We’ve successfully managed projects from small in-house productions to full-scale commercials and narrative feature shoots. Our team scales up or down based on the needs of the project. With a constant emphasis on quality, we find a way to work within practical constraints to impart a big-budget sheen on everything we produce.  We are your creative partner!

We listen and learn about your brand and goals.


We’ve shot around the world and next door, using every camera, piece of equipment and technique you can think of.  Everyone has a story. When we tell yours, there's one major difference, RESULTS THAT MATTER!




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