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Musical Drama - Feature Film - For Teens of Color

Created By: Kyle Scott

Thrusted into a downward spiral, where dreams collide with reality, the suicides of a sexually confused brother and grieving mother becomes the catalyst for an onslaught of life altering events for ROYAL THOMAS, an ultra-talented and destined to be a superstar teen.

Creative Team

Executive Producers


Shantaya Pace

Kyle Scott

Steve Alford

Dale Hill

Lead Cast

Ryan Destiny

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Jacob Latimore

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Kelly Price

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Meagan Good

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Original Music By

(Grammy Award Winning Team)



Crystal Nicole

Jamel Kimbrough

Original Choreography

(Oscar / Emmy Award Winning)  

Choreographed for Black Panther, Pitch Perfect, Dream Girls, Usher, Beyonce, Neyo, Lady Gaga, and so many more. 

Aakoman Jones

CiCi Kelly

Cody Wiggins

Director / Screen Writer

Screen Writer

(International Film Maker - Atlanta Based)

Kyle Scott

Tisha Cole

Production Company

Production Reel


Thrusted into a downward spiral, where dreams collide with reality, the suicides of a sexually confused brother and grieving mother becomes the catalyst for an onslaught of life-altering events for ROYAL THOMAS, an ultra-talented and destined to be a superstar teen.

The first day of school, Royal is numb. He’s trying to get it. He is trying to understand how it is that on this day, first day of high school, he stands alone. He has never been alone. She was always there, Tem was always there, dad was there; but not today.  This day was supposed to be something the family experienced together. They had all made the sacrifices and supported him, they had been his team! But today, when he needed them the most, he was alone. It had only been two months since he and his dad said their goodbyes to his mother and brother. He stood there trying to understand. Did they not love them; had he and dad done something to hurt them?  There were no answers, making their deaths that much more difficult to grasp. He wondered, what if I had loved them a little more; would they have chosen to live? Why wasn’t loving him and loving dad enough? Whatever their reasons he knew he would never understand and would always feel this pain and confusion. He doesn’t want to feel as if they betrayed him or anger because he loves them; nor, does it feel right to hate them but he does! He especially knew he wouldn’t be ready for this journey alone. So, he stands there waiting, breathing, waiting as if she would say some magical words that would make him feel like a superhero. She doesn’t and tears swell in his eyes as he waits for a moment when the pain is less painful. Maybe then he can walk through the doors and begin living his dream at The DREAM Arts Perfecting Academy


The DREAM Arts Perfecting Academy is just that, a DREAM.  The Dream Academy is an exceptionally crafted school who offers teens, who are exceptionally gifted in singing, dancing, acting, writing, or musicianship, an opportunity to maximize their artistic potential.  Believing that our youth will become what we pour into them, Principal Savoy and her husband Keenan, the CEO of DREAM ENTERTAINMENT, endeavors to create a positive impact by teaching, addressing, and pouring into them the “King Mindset”, a set of principles derived from the leadership, poise, grace and exceptional character of Dr. King. Befitting of the name, students are addressed as Kings and Queens, encouraging them to claim their royal heritage, walk in integrity and authority; they are taught who they are, and what they are capable of as they discover and expound on the power within. The Dream groom their students to be a positive impact on world. Although the school seems to have the perfect student body, the Dream Academy is not without its share of drama and issues; these children come many different backgrounds and have been faced with some of the most extreme circumstances.  However, they are not your average teens, divinely gifted, they are determined to live the DREAM.  They understand and have accepted that they must push through the adversities of life; performing, academically and artistically, they are required to not only meet but exceed a higher, than usual, standard.   The pressure of such high expectations often breeds tension, as the school is set up to mock the real world of competition; the demand of the industry to go above and beyond the norm; and, the struggle to find oneself while balancing the chaos all around them.  This is the process, designed to reveal weakness, build character, and create a fortified star.  A process Royal “thought” he was ready for.  In the midst of it all, life had just happened, and he found himself scared, alone, and angry.  


Royal’s journey would prove to be difficult as he is met with the one and only JAMESJUAN; a class act fool!  James Juan was the school’s number one everything. He was handsome and talented; every girl wanted him, and every guy wanted to be like him.  Royal would find it hard to understand why. From the moment he parted his lips he was pure evil. It took Royal a minute to zone in on what was happening, he had been so deep in thought and emotions. He didn’t realize he was crying. He wanted to scream but knew that would only provide for ammunition to shoot himself with, so, he stood there trying to muster an intimidating look. Then out of no where she came to the rescue. Thinking this can’t get any worse he began to feel very small but knew better than to shrink back because it would only make it worse. He had to do something and quick! So, he stepped up; eye to eye and toe to toe. He wasn’t afraid by no means. He was pissed! At this dude in his face, brother and mother, and his father for folding when they died! He was too embarrassed and mad to care about what came next, how it would affect the path he’d been on his whole life. If she, his mother, didn’t care why should he.


As the days went on Royal would become the target for James Juan and his boys but Royal wasn’t backing down. He was ready for whatever; at this point everything kind of seemed pointless. Life at home had become strained with his father; he hadn’t been the same since the deaths and he didn’t know what to do or if he could even do anything.  Thinking things couldn’t get any worse, Royal comes home to all their belongings on the lawn of their home; dad was begging the police and fighting back tears. Royals world began spinning as he tried to wrap his head around what was happening. He wanted to scream “What is happening!” but all he could do is stare, speechless as the sheriff locks the house and drives off.  He tries to remember what he said or even if he had said anything because his dad was yelling at him; he zoned in on the words “she killed herself because of you, this was all because of you and your damn dream to be a star! Damn everyone else! She felt guilt because she forgot she had another child who needed her, Tem needed her too!” Or something like that he wasn’t sure because there were words and emotions swirling around in his heart and it felt like knife wounds to his heart.


The pressure mounts in young Royals world. Dad is losing it.  After liquidating all their items to pay for shelter and food his mental state is declining, and he begin having psychotic episodes and has now disappeared. Coming in from school he finds the truck and keys with a note that simply said, “I can’t, I’m sorry?”.  He is soon out of food, a payment is due for the hotel room, and the hotel manager is threatening to call child protective services, forcing him out onto the streets. Trying to keep his situation a secret he is forced to tell his friend that he has father has left him alone, he is sleeping in the truck, and have no money for food.  His friend takes the risk and helps his friend keep his secret by sneaking him food and allowing him to come in to bathe for school in the morning after his mom leaves for work. If that isn’t enough, the beef at school, between he and James Juan, is intensifying and now his thuggish brother has a target on Royal’s back because of a girl. The DREAM Competition is a few months away and he is determined not to let anything stand in the way of the dream. However, Royal quickly finds that when life throws you in the game nothing is within your control.


His school principal, uncle, and the police is standing over Royal as he awakes in agonizing pain, not clear as to why, he looks around squinting his eyes from the bright light as he tries to make out the faces standing over him. Where was he, why was he there, who are these people? Confusion draping his face his focus comes into view and he realizes exactly who they are; he remembers what happened.  He attempts to sit up but is in so much pain he lets out a yelp that springs everyone into action to make sure he is ok and comforted. They begin asking him questions, but his head is hurting, and he can’t think; he begins to silently cry.  He realizes that he is hurt bad and this might be the one thing that could kill the dream that he has worked his whole life for. Softly he says, “they jumped me, they jumped me man!” as he fought back tears and more anger. He had been beaten, hands and knee had been stomped in the attack. He pauses as he remembers one of the guys said “you aint no star punk”. The only person that comes to mind is James Juan, but he can’t be sure; he never saw them, it all happened so fast.  The doctors come in and asks to speak with his parents or guardian outside.  When the doctor and his uncle return, he has a solemn look as he looks away from Royal. A sinking feeling drops in Royals chest and he knows it’s not good.  Just as he thought, if his knee and hand doesn’t heal up well or properly, he won’t be able to dance or play.


Trying to deal with recent life events and on the verge of giving up hope, Royal returns to school. Word has gotten around, everyone was convinced that James Juan was behind the attack.  Adding to the suspicion, the police shows up to ask James Juan, who maintains his innocence, questions about the incident. James Juan even humbles himself to approach Royal and tell him man to man that they had nothing to do with what happened nor do he know who did; Royal really doesn’t buy into it. James Juan assures Royal that he doesn’t have to cheat or beat him to win, “man you just aint that good” he says, then adds “but guess we will never know huh?”  This fuels a fire within Royal that turns it all around for him.  He is reminded of who he was before The DREAM Academy; he is a KING! He is ROYAL T. and he was born to win and that’s exactly what he was going to do. No matter what the doctors said he had to believe. Going back to all of the words his mother poured into him, all of the times his brother would call him a superstar, all of the proud looks his dad would have over the years as prepared for this moment, this opportunity and he would not fail.  He gets back up and starts again; he took his pain and made it his motivation and pushed, pushed, pushed until.  Little did he know his dad was waging a war of his own; he’d checked into a mental hospital. He had been in contact with his brother and had been following the events with Royal.  He stayed away because he wanted to make sure that when he stepped back into Royals life, he was better than before, and he was. He was there, the night of the competition, unbeknownst to Royal he was there, and he couldn’t have been prouder or full of love for his son.  Royal made it easy to be prideful of him! He was Royally gifted, and it showed as he executed every dance step accurately with passion, every key on the piano was touched with such precision it was as if his mother fingers were laced through his; he was divinely talented and there was no denying that. But James Juan was a force to be reckoned with and it came down to the wire. The numbers were tied and required the ratings of the celebrity tie breaker. Everyone stood in silence, some holding their breath. Royal closed his eyes and spoke to his mother and brother “you said I was a super star, I did my part, now do yours!” It was as if a warm and cool breeze swept across the stage. Just as Royal opened his eyes, everything was in slow motions and his hearing was muffled. He was confused, everything was happening so fast then heard a whisper “you are a superstar, we love you!”  As hears began to fall he felt his hand being raised into the air and he heard the words, being spoken by James Juan, The 2019 DREAM Champion King Royal T.

Production Schedule


(May 20, - June 21, 2019)


Principle Photography

Atlanta - (June 24, - July 24, 2019)


Post Production

Atlanta - (July  29, - August 26, 2019)

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