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Video Production Proposal

Objective of Documentary: While touring South Africa, Nicki Minaj touches so many lives through her music, philanthropy, and eventually finds that her life was the biggest change of the entire experience.  We capture this matriculation in a fun, vibrant, yet emotional 1hour 15 min documentary.  Viewers will see a side of Nicki Minaj they've never seen while learning so much about the culture and history of South Africa.

Pre-Departure Interview:  Prior to depart USA, NM will give her current prospective of South Africa and how the music of Africa in a whole has influenced her career.  She'll share her excitement of the entire upcoming journey and share her expectations and what she wishes to get out of the experience.

Journey from USA to South Africa:  Cameras will capture the entire travel experience from USA to South Africa.  We'll do a mid flight interview, grab sound bites from members of management and security detail about concerns, excitements, and logistics.

NM's arrival in South Africa: 

Through the Ministry of Tourism, NM will receive a traditional South African arrival with dancers, and greeting from dignitaries.  We'll capture aerial shots of the convoy headed to her private villa where she'll then rest and prepare for press and radio.

NM's visits local orphanage:  Viewers get a chance to see a unique side of NM's heart while visiting orphanages and spending time with kids that need love the most.  NM sits with an orphanage director and allows the director to give her info on the services they provide for the children.

NM visits arena she'll perform at:  Viewers will see the huge technical undertaking to make sure the tour is exciting, innovative, and unique.  Logistical plans will be discussed and NM greets her dancers, stage crew, etc.

NM visits a South African Safari:  NA visits a beautiful Safari and gets a private tour while exploring and interaction with Safari animals.  Viewers get to see a very wild and adventurous side of NM.  She'll learn the importance of the eco system and how the world is changing every day.  

NM's helicopter tour of Capetown: 

  • Discover the colourful cultures of the Cape

  • See the jagged headland of Cape Point at the southern-most tip of the peninsula

  • Feast your eyes on the rugged majesty of Table Mountain

  • Witness the blue beauty of the Atlantic Ocean

NM's concert highlights: 

Viewers get to see exclusive footage of NM's concerts and get the fans reactions to this world class tour.  Fans get to share their love for NM, and viewers get the behind the scenes access never granted until this project.

NM's tour through Soweto: 

​Here NM will learn about this historical neighborhood that South African President Nelson Mandela grew up.  SHe'll get a private tour and talk to some of the locals about this unique township.

NM's departure and recap interview: 

Viewers see the way this entire experience has changed NM's life as she gives an emotional and heart felt recap of the experience.  Not only did she change the lives of South Africans, but NM's new perspective of life now allows her to give encouraging words to viewers.

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