Dubai Vowel Renewal

A magical time in the middle east

A Cinematic Experience

Director Kyle Scott

Opening Shot: Aerial establishing shot:  Cityscape of Dubai, the couple is riding in a car through the city.  Tall buildings are surrounding them, reflections of architecture are in the window.   

Husband:  Begins to talk about the day he first met his beautiful wife.  Shots of their Dubai adventure spending time and embracing each other will be shown during this dialogue.


Wife:  Talks about how shes come to love the man she spending the rest of her life with, and how shes grown since knowing him.  Images of their time in Dubai will be shown while this dialogue is taking place.

Ceremony: B-roll: We'll highlight beautiful moments of the wedding ceremony and it'll be a cinematic feel.  Family and friends that are present will relish in this magical moment.


After Party / Reception: As night falls the party really just begins!  We'll share incredible moments of dancing, and celebration.

A Romantic Celebration:  B-roll:  As the weekend comes to an end, we'll show all the incredible moments from the couple, family, and friends.


Remarks:  "What a wonderful experience"

We'll capture soundbites from individuals that traveled to Dubai to celebrate with this beautiful couple.

Who Is Canyon View Media?

Cost for Production Services

Whats included:

  • Drone Shots from experiences in Dubai

  • All principle filming

  • All Post production and color correction

  • Everything shot on cinematic cameras

Total Cost: $11k

Travel and Lodging Accomodations for 2 people must be covered.