Pastor Vaughn Cash

Production Training Proposal

ETAOG Audio / Video Production

​The purpose of this proposal is for media consulting for ETAOG'S new implementation and training in audio and video production.

Audio  - Video / Production / Training

  • Audit of equipment, both audio and video

  • Comprehensive live sound training

  • Re-Mix sound board for live sound during services.

  • Create SOP for live sound mixing

  • Train on shot selection and composition (Video)

  • Create standard operating procedures for equipment usage and technical comprehension.

  • Recruitment and training of volunteers on standard operating procedures, principal videography, video editing, audio mixing (video), motion graphic creation, live streaming, etc.

  • Train staff on how to create video upscale testimonials and marketing material for out reach and evangelistic efforts.

  • Spend at least 5 days per month training.   

  • Create 2 themed promo vids per month

  • Create  2 video testimonies per month

  • Create high energy dynamic broadcast intro and outro.

  • Train of streamlining edit and turn around on Sunday morning sermons and prepare for online streaming.

  • Directly work with Pastor on best practices for proper appearance on video for all on camera ministry dynamics.

  • Create special motion graphics and lower thirds customized for broadcast.

Minimum 3 months for maximum impact in training.

Travel and Accommodations

  • At least 1 visit per month, scheduled based on project needs.

  • Hotel Accommodations covered by ministry.

  • Flights covered by Kyle Scott

Cost and Payment

  •  Lets talk about it.  $1350 per month 

  • $1000 retainer