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Royalty Black limousine

Marketing Kickstart

By: Canyon View Media

Website Design




About Us - Site visitors will understand the level of service you provide.  You'll be able to communicate what's most important to your current and potential clients.

Booking - Clients will be able to book online, as well as pay for services prior.  You will also be able to accept subscriptions for frequent customers.  Within the booking page, you'll be able to run specials with discount codes for marketing purposes.

Black Car Service - Site visitors will see a video that showcases the luxury SUV and special services provided.

Sample Websites Built:



Video and Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot - You'll receive high-quality photo shoot showcasing the vehicle, customer service, and the proud owner.
Video Shoot - Clients will get a visual on what to expect when being picked up with Royalty Black Limousine Service.  The video will be shot on cinematic camera with full post production and professional color correction.

Sample Video Production:


Cost - Discount Code: ADCREECEY

Total Cost: $1900

$500 Deposit to begin website development
$500 Installment due 10 days before video and photoshoot
Remaining balance due upon completion of all services and client approval
- Web, Photo, & Video

Kick off:  November 28, 2022

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